I love Bacon. I love design. Throne of Bacon is the combination of the two. Real Bacon. Real Art. Real Awesome.

Best - M.T. aka The Baconsmith

Michael O. Taylor with Stay Gold graffiti

The Team

Michael O. Taylor

The Pride of Coffeyville, Kansas, Michael O. Taylor, a.k.a. The Baconsmith, has been in design for over 20 years. He’s lived and worked in Chicago, Los Angeles and Colorado Springs and is now pleased and proud to be back in Lawrence where he was paroled from The University of Kansas in 1994.

Michael is currently the Founder and Creative Director at PixNinja Studio, a full service design, marketing and branding studio, father to his adopted long time sidekick Ranger and is proud to say he is an Eagle Scout.

In his most recent creative endeavors, Michael is creating Bacon art with real Bacon and designing, creating and spraying stencil graffiti art (legally).

Michael Shackelford

Michael Shackelford is an industrial designer with a BFA from the University of Kansas. He resides in Lawrence, KS, where he loves creating projects from start to finish. He has many skills and isn't afraid to take on big projects, such as his recent home rebuild from the ground up.  

Michael is in charge of the logistics of the Throne of Bacon and all of the associated bacon art. He has used his resourcefulness and knowledge as an industrial designer to create proofs of concept for the Throne of Bacon, including prototype molds for our Bouillon of Bacon and Medallion of Bacon.

Brenda Brown

Originally from Pittsburg, Kansas, Brenda Johnston Brown first started working in Lawrence, KS as a waitress at the Woolworth lunch counter in 1985. She studied Theatre Design at The University of Kansas, and like so many didn’t follow a major into her career.

Most of her professional life has been in sales and marketing, selling everything from cross-country skies to medical devises for people on Medicare. Now she is the Marketing Ninja at PixNinja Studio, Event Coordinator for Free State Brewing Co, and owner of The Brown Bag, a sewing and costume side business. She is a wife, mommy, frequent volunteer, and very tired.

Bacon is Beautiful