Week One

It's been a busy week with the campaing: social media, press releases, etc. Here's some fun news:

 - We got our first press at Baconsports.com: http://www.baconsports.com/throne-of-bacon-kickstarter/

- Had our first interview at LawrenceHits.com: http://youtu.be/9siQwgxn7cM

- We will be doing an interview for local news on Monday.

That's it for now Bacon Believers. More to come. Please go to our Kickstarter and make a pledge & Stay tuned...

We've Launched!

Our Throne of Bacon Kickstarter went live this morning. Exciting day already. Lots happening & More to come...

Creating Process, Baconfest & Local Events

Just a few updates for today...

Michael and I are continuing to experiment with existing molds as well as creating new ones. So far we have experimented with wood, plastic and some 3D printing. We've already created some really great stuff, but more ideas = more experiments.

Wood Mold Throne of Bacon

We will be attending the K.C. Baconfest tomorrow at Union Station, as Rev It Up Hotrod Hullabaloo and Buskerfest here in Lawrence. Looking forward to a great Saturday and we will also be showing off one of our new creations. I'll keep you posted. - The Baconsmith

It Begins...

This is happening. I'm going on an adventure. I am the world's first Baconsmith and I intend to craft the world's first Throne of Bacon. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like: an epic throne, inspired by the Iron Throne,  made from real Bacon.

Bacon Test

The idea came to me when I was considering how to combine one of the things I love the most: Bacon, with one of the other things I love the most: design. The way I see it, Bacon is more than just delicious and it deserves a worthy tribute. I intend to give it an epic tribute that the world has never seen before.

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Bacon is Beautiful